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About Us

Ureco Solar Hot Water Aims to:

  1. understand your solar needs and provide you with a system to suit you;

  2. save you more money with our high quality in-house plumbers who install to the highest standard;

  3. leave you amazed at our groovy service.


Solar Hot Water Systems are an investment worth taking your time over.

Ureco have carefully selected a broad range of Innovative and Economical systems designed for West Australian conditions. Our Solar Consultants can match the product suited to you. 


Our Western Australian installation network ensures your unit will be installed by licensed trained professionals. 

It's our attention to details that will ensure product longevity and maximum savings.

Ureco also offers a same day emergency hot water replacement service.


Our free and detailed investment proposals are provided with a full break down of Rebates. Everybody is entitled to the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC's) Incentive/Rebate!

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