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Case Study 1 - Solar Hot Water, Subiaco Perth Sports Centre

Commercial Solar Hot Water Perth


Lords Sports Centre, Subiaco needed to replace an old Edwards Gas Boiler with a Solar Hot Water system. The old 1983 boiler was to be decommissed and a new one installed in it's place.


Customer Selection

The City of Subiaco chose a 60 panel Chromagen Commercial Solar Hot Water Pre Heater with gas instantaneous backup.  

The 60 solar collectors were linked to 16 x 400litre storage tanks installed in a manifold setup. These fed into 6 x 400litre tanks that were topped up by the gas instantaneous systems as needed (i.e. winter).

The 12 x Gas continuous flow units were supplied on pre-prepared skids by the Commercial arm of Chromagen Australia, Sumo


Projected Savings

These systems get massive Rebates via Small-scale Technology Certificates.

The projected savings for this solar system would be at ~70%, with a payback expected within 3 to 5 years.