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Case Study 3 - Western Australian Police


The Western Australian Police have over the years been upgrading their facilities for energy efficiency. We have been contracted to install several solar hot water systems across the state. The size and type depend on the solution.


Customer Selection

Maylands Police Complex

This was a commercial sized system installed on a pre-existing ringmain (constant circulation of water). It needed to meet the demands of several people showering at the same time after academy training.


Perth Police Headquarters

Their electric hot water system for the Gym broke and they needed a replacement. As this was located in the roof space and it was a multi-storey building we selected the Japanese Sanden Eco Heat Pump.  This meets the demand of a light commercial system as it has a first hour capacity of ~370litres. It's unique instantaneous style heat pump heating method means it's very hard to run out of hot water.


Rockingham Rail Unit

Here we installed two systems, one for each changing rooms.  Both were Apricus systems. They can be seen from the Bus Depot entering the Rockingham Train Station.


Wanneroo Police Station

Here we also replaced a broken electric storage system on a ringmain but used the Apricus Evacuated Tubes.


Dwellingyup Police Station


Fremantle Water Police

Here we used an Apricus system with a large storage capacity. It's not used frequently, but when the divers need a shower they enjoy significantly longer showers than usual to warm back up....and fair enough too!