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Perth Evaporative Air Cooling


Evaporative for your shed!Evaporative - DIY Install - While Stocks Last

Aolan AZL06 3000m3h airflow, 3 speed, with display.

Ideal for your Workshop, Man-Cave, Enclosed Patio, Shed, Holiday Home........

This unit you just need to put through a hole in the wall.

Plug into power point (only draws 0.15kW) and connect a hose. 

Cold Air should not be this easy!

RRP $599

ureco Customer Pricing* $399  

Saving $200!



On-Roof Evaporative

Aolan Evaporative Air Cooling Perth

AOLAN Australia is the number 1 evaporative air conditioning manufacturer in China, exporting to more than 30 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Backed by ISO9001:2000 certification, AOLAN also maintain CE and SASO Certification for the international export market, ensuring top quality products for the Australian market.

Tested in extreme environments from typhoons in Asia or blasted by the hot air desert winds of Saudi Arabia to freezing conditions in Europe and capable of withstanding the Australian outback. AOLAN products are designed to handle these conditions and will provide a 25 year warranty against any corrosion on the polymer casing.

AOLAN Evaporative Air Conditioning is a healthy way to keep your family cool and comfortable in our long hot demanding summers. By being water-based, AOLAN Evaporative Air Conditioning can add moisture to the air, which in our Australian dry climates, can improve the 'breathe ability' of the air. 

  • Local Perth Suport
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Environmetaly Friendly
  • Low Running Costs


System Airflow m3h RRP including replacing your old unit* ureco Customer Pricing* Saving
AZL16-ZX10E 7000 (4-6 outlets) $1990 $1790 $200
AZL18-ZX10E 10000 (6-10 outlets) $2290 $2090 $200

Full ducted installations and Commercial Systems Available

Standard changeover based on like for like compliant install - Call for full information

CALL (08) 6222 6676. 


First 10 customers get a FREE Backlit Digital Controller.

* standard replacement/changeover installation includes replacing the roof unit onto an existing 550 x 550mm duct and flashing.  The price does not include replacing the ridged ducting, roof flashing, ducting or vents.  Additional costs apply for converting non-standard sized dropper to 550 x 550mm.  If other components require replacement to ensure proper system operation, additional charges will apply.

ureco customer pricing is exclusive for our existing client base, based on payment by EFT or c/c.