Hot Water Systems

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Perth Hot Water Expertise for Property Managers

(Perth Metro Only; Boundaries Mandurah, Yanchep & Sawyers Valley)


Why Use Ureco

  1. Built up an industry reputation as specialists in hot water
  2. We get your tenants back to hot water NOW with either a temporary or replacement system.
  3. Can offer a full range of options to owner, not just whats easiest for your plumber

Our warehouse is centrally located in Cannington and our service/install teams are all over Perth, Monday to Friday.  We are prompt, clean and importantly for your customer our prices are competitive.


Hot Water Servicing

Call-out for a specialist Solar or Gas Repair Plumber is $100 (inc GST) and covers the first 15mins on site. If we cannot repair the system then we will install a temporaory unit till the parts can be sourced or a replacement approved.

It excludes any parts used and returning to pickup the temporary system if we are declined the repair/replacement.

Our standard business hours are Monday-Friday 7am to 4pm.


Time for Action

Please email us with:

  • the tenants contact details
  • property address
  • hot water issues observed
  • property managers contact details
  • who to invoice to
  • and optionally the owners phone number if case urgent approval is required

 Emergency or out of hours Call 6222 6676.

 Payment terms are, on or before, 7 days from invoice.