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Sanden Eco PLUS Hot Water Heat Pumps Perth

Sanden Heat Pump PerthSanden have now launched their new design in Perth - the Sanden Eco PLUS Hot Water System. It has taken a revolutionary approach, to not only heat pumps but to the whole solar hot water industry. It is leading the heat pump market with:

  • Super Long Warranties, upto 15 years (now with 6years on the heat pump!!!)
  • Japanese built heat pump with Australian Stainless Steel Tank
  • Best in class efficiency relating to higher rebates (COP 5.0!)
  • No boosting needed EVER
  • Only heat pump on market to heat in an instantaneous style
  • Quietest on market
  • Performance optimisation with Solar Power or Off-peak Tariffs
  • Different Tank Sizes to suit household size

Watch the Sanden Eco Plus Heat Pump feature on Healthy Homes TV Show......

Sanden Heat Pump on TV!

Come and see why so many consumers are turning to the Sanden Eco. We have a demo model in our Perth Showroom. Call us on (08) 6222 6676 to book an appointment.

If you live outside Perth Metro we have installers around Western Australia, just call us to arrange a quote on (08) 6222 6676


What surprises most people when these systems are installed is that they have hot water at the tap within 10 minutes! Other heat pumps can take over 5 hours to gradually heat. The Sanden ECO also has a fail safe mechanism that kicks in before running out of hot water, placing 'instantaneously' heated hot water in the top of the tank ensuring you NEVER RUN OUT OF HOT WATER. 


Call for a detailed quote on (08) 6222 6676


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Why Choose ureco solar hot water for your new Sanden ECO Heat Pump in Perth Metro?

We are fully trained on the Sanden ECO by Sanden themselves. Our employed plumbers correctly install the unit to the high standard expected by Sanden.  We also are approved service agents for Sanden here in WA. When buying the best product on market you want the finishing touches and after-sales service to match!

How does a heat pump work?

How a heat pump worksHeat Pumps rely on the suns energy that is available in the atmosphere 24/7, 365 days a year. No direct sunlight is required!

No roof collector is required with a heat pump. Instead the thermal collector (or evaporator) is present inside the heat pump unit at ground level. A fan draws the solar energy filled air over the evaporator to provide a constant flow of fresh air-sourced energy. 

The small amount of electricity a heat pump consumes is similar to that of traditional solar when averaged out over the course of a year.

That is traditional solar requires an electrical element (or gas) to boost in winter. Whereas heat pumps very efficiently use electricity to run a compressor. The compressor excites the refrigerant, loaded with solar energy extracted from the air, so it then transfers the solar energy through a heat exchanger to the stored water.