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Hot Water Heat Pumps Perth

How a heat pump works
Looking for a solar hot water system that:

  • has the capacity to efficiently heat when you want to shower?

  • operates efficiently even in winter without boosting?

  • does not require any roof space?


Heat Pumps rely on the suns energy that is available in the atmosphere 24/7, 365 days a year. No direct sunlight is required!

No roof collector is required with a heat pump. Instead the thermal collector (or evaporator) is present inside the heat pump unit at ground level. A fan draws the solar energy filled air over the evaporator to provide a constant flow of fresh air-sourced energy. 

The small amount of electricity a heat pump consumes is similar to that of traditional solar when averaged out over the course of a year.

That is traditional solar requires an electrical element (or gas) to boost in winter. Whereas heat pumps very efficiently use electricity to run a compressor. The compressor excites the refrigerant, loaded with solar energy extracted from the air, so it then transfers the solar energy through a heat exchanger to the stored water.  

These are our select domestic hot water heat pump options that meet different needs and budgets. Ureco have been installing these hot water heat pumps trouble free in Perth for over 3 years.

Midea Heat Pump Perth

Midea Hot Water Heat Pumps Perth

  • Robust All-in-one Design
  • Built in timer

190litre, prices installed from $2,790*

300litre, prices installed from $3,290*

Sanden Heat Pump PerthSanden Hot Water Heat Pumps Perth

  • Marketing leading Warranties
  • Superier Performance equating to highest rebate
  • Ultra Quiet and built in timer
  • Japanese Split System Design

160litre, prices installed from $4,790*

250litre, prices installed from $4,890*

315litre, prices installed from $4,990*


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Solar Heat Pumps are a specialist field where understanding the customer's requirements, optimum positioning and attention to install detail is extremely important.  Our Solar Consultants can assist you to make the right choice of heat pump water heater.


* Estimated Price based on a standard install i.e. replacing electric storage system in Perth. Subject to transfer of STC's to Ureco Solar Hot Water. Payment via credit card. Request a free quote for more information.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Solar Heat Pump Hot Water Systems for Perth Western Australia, including Mandurah, Yanchep and Mundaring.