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Solar Split System Hot Water Heaters

Contrary to popularity on the East Coast, Western Australia has been slow to adopt split systems. There are many benefits versus roof solar:

  • Easy servicing of tank at ground level
  • Improved roof aesthetics
  • More safety and control features 

Ureco install all split systems with Armacell High Temperature UV Resistant Insulation.  It comes with a 7 year warranty. Unlike like standard pipe insulation/foam it will not crack and disintergrate after only a few years service.

Attention to detail is what makes us different!

Chromagen SplitLine

Electric Boost

Prices from $2,890*


Chromagen Split Line

Gas Boost

Prices from $3,890*

Equinox by Rinnai Split

Gas Boost

Prices from $4,650*


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* Estimated Price based on a standard install in Perth replacing a gas hot water system. Payment via credit card. Request a free quote for more information.