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Case Study 2 - Perth Caravan Park

Hot Water Caravan Parks Perth 


Cherokee Village Tourist Park Perth were looking to replace their heavy-duty gas storage hot water system servicing one of their ablution blocks. It provided hot water for three showers and a laundry room.


Customer Selection

A new heavy duty gas storage system with a first hour capacity of ~370litres was going to cost over $5000 supplied and installed.

We put forward two options with the customer selecting the market leading Japanese CO2 hot water heat pump. This had longer warranties than the gas option, same first hour capacity, COSTS LESS TO RUN and WAS CHEAPER TO PURCHASE thanks to generous rebates. It was a Win-Win in every way.


Projected Savings

Normally we would talk about payback here. However from Day 1 the unit has paid for itself as it was cheaper than the gas unit and will continue to pay for itself due to the minimal running cost of it.