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Dairy and Winery Heating Solutions

We are pleased to offer the WA Dairy and Winery Industry the following money saving solutions:

  • True Solar performance to heat your water to up to 90°C
  • HVAC heat reclaim to improve compressor performance & provide free water heating assistance
  • Pressurised hot water for cleaning heated free from the sun

Our tailored solution for your Diary or Winery comes with a Return on Investment business case & engineering drawings based on your milking shed setup. 

The traditional tanks come with:

  • Ultra thick polyurethane insulation for maximum heat retention
  • Large 13mm solenoid valve and ball valve including strainer
  • Choice of Australian Made solid copper or stainless steel tanks
  • Low wattage incoloy 825 Electric element for off-peak backup
  • Tip to toe anode


Let us show you if we can provide you with a 3 to 5 year payback!

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Service and Replacement Dairy tanks for:

Edson fully automatic Reverse Flow - DHRF450, DHRF550, DHRF650, DHRF800, DHRF1000, DHRF1250, DHRF1400, DHRF1600, DHR640SS, DHR800SS, DHR950SS, DHR1100SS, DHR1250SS, DHR1400SS

Edson semi automatic Reverse Flow - DHSA450, DHSA550, DHSA650, DHSA800, DHSA1000

Edson semi Pressurised - DH400, DH500, DH630, DH800

Wilson Rapid Flow - RF0315, RF0400, RF0500, RF0630, RF0800, RF1000, RF1260, RF1360, RF1500, RF1600, RF1800, RF2000

Wilson "D" Series Dairy Heater - D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8 (/T with attached Cold Feed tank)