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Perth Gas Instant Buyers Guide

 Bosch 10P
Types of Gas Instant Units

1) Instantaneous or Hyrdro Flow

These units either have a standing pilot light or the ignition is activated by water flow as a tap is opened.

They are considered cheap units.  However over the life of the system they require regular servicing and costly diaphragm replacements by a specialist gas fitter. As their operation is fairly basic it can result in varying temperatures and loss of heat if flow is changed i.e. another tap being opened.


Rinnai Continuous Flow Perth2)    Continuous Flow 

These are the most popular gas instant units available on the market and generally 6star efficiency rated.  They require a plug socket to power an onboard computer. This:

  • Turns on ignition immediately as a tap is opened
  • Ensures a consistent even temperature of hot water
  • Controls frost protection

They come in different flow rates (Litres/minute). As a rule of thumb, a 16 L/m model is ideal for 1 bathroom. Where as a 20 L/m model is better for 2 bathrooms. These bigger units allow more heating capacity to service 2 open hot taps simultaneously. 

There are 26 L/m models, however this is overkill for most domestic applications. This is because most models purchased are 50•C preset and your pipework is normally restricted to a max flow rate of 19 L/m. Thus you may never see the benefit of paying for a larger than 20L/m unit.  


Perth Condensing Unit

3)    Condensing Unit

More suitable for large households and commercial applications. These use a gas condensate heating method to achieve greater efficiency, reaching 7stars!

From a domestic viewpoint their cost and install requirements (gas line, drain point, safety mixing valves) make them price prohibitive.    


Temperature of Units

From a Plumbing Regulations stand point based on Consumer Safety, the water to the bathrooms can be no more than 50•C. What this means for you is, no matter what your current system supplies heat at, your new system must comply with this regulation.

This ruling tends to be an issue when the Kitchen is furthest away from the hot water system. In these cases we suggest installing a 60•C gas unit with a dedicated line to kitchen and safe ‘tempered’ line to bathrooms.

Installation Requirements

Gas Instant units can require ~10 times the gas flow than that of a gas storage unit. Thus distance from gas meter, meter capacity and strict gas regulations are all a factor when installing your unit. These variables must be determined by a qualified gas fitter. 

We recommend when upgrading from gas storage to instant that you/we have a backup plan. That is if installing a gas instant unit is not possible under the regulations that you move to plan B, a replacement gas storage instead. 

Finally, make sure the installer is a qualified plumber and gasfitter. Once installed they will need to supply a GAS NOTICE OF COMPLETION and PLUMBING COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE. The installer will also have to send a copy of these to the regulator who protects the industry/consumer from poor and/or unsafe workmanship.


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