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The All Electric House - the move away from Gas!

Solar Power has made great inroads onto Perth Residential roof tops over recent years. Savvy consumers are looking at ways to be more Energy Independent. This table looks what options are suggested to move away from gas and the reasons behind them.

Gas Appliance Reasons to move away from Gas The ‘All Electric House’
Stove Top Not child safe. Hard to clean. Jets get blocked. Igniters get worn out. Induction Electric.
Room Heater Takes up floor space. Need cross-flow room ventilation that reduces insulation properties of the room. Heaters should be serviced yearly. Reverse cycle air conditioning
Hot Water System The single largest user of gas in the house. High running costs Hot water heat pump, also referred to as thermal battery if you have solar power. OR Solar Hot Water with electric backup.
Pool Gas Heater In-efficient and costly to run Pool Heat Pump


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