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Split Line Solar Hot Water Heaters Perth

Perth SplitLine SolarContrary to popularity on the East Coast, Western Australia has been slow to adopt split systems. There are many benefits versus roof solar:

  • Easy servicing of tank & the major weight is at ground level
  • Improved roof aesthetics
  • More safety and control features 


Our most popular Solar Hot Water Systems in Perth:


Brand iHeat Solar Hot Water  Envirosun Perth Solar Hot Water
Perth Designed Yes Yes
Perth Supported Yes Yes
Tank Type Different sizes available, glass lined protected by sacrificial anode
Panel Type Black Chrome with copper risers and aluminium frame
Booster Type Electric or Gas booster available
Frost Protection Down to -5C using the solar intelligent controller
Warranty 5 years 5 years
Brochure  Open iHeat Brochure Open Envirosun Brochure


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