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Solar Hot Water Repairs - Emergency Service

Fast Same Day Service in Perth to repair solar hot water systems.  

Our staff are trained on all solar brands i.e. Solahart, Edwards, Rheem, Chromagen, Rinnai

Be it a leaky relief valve, booster issue or a 5 yearly solar service, Our Solar Repair experts can help.


Call 24/7 on 1300 610 809

Common Questions

How much is a call-out for a Ureco Solar Repair Expert?

For only $99 inc GST you get a Fully Qualified Plumbing, gas fitter and/or Electrician to your Perth Metro door step. Unlike some companies, we DON'T send apprentices in lieu of Qualified staff!

How can I help identify the problem?

Brand, Age and Service History of the solar hot water system Always assists. 

Photos of any visible problems (on calling the Repair Hotline we provide an email/number to send these to)

If you have a 'no hot water' issue then rule out a hot water line leak or tempering valve failure. This is done respectively by 1) turning off all taps, then checking the water meter to ensure it still not moving. 2) pull the hot relief valve at the top of the tank and check the temperature of the water coming out of it (note tank may be in roof and the relief line may terminate at ground level. 

How much is a 5 yearly solar service and what does it include?

It is essential here in Perth that the sacrifical anode is periodically changed to protect the system from our harsh scheme water. Prices from $200 for a ground tank, $270 for a roof tank. 


Perth Solar Hot Water Repairs for Solahart, Conergy, Edwards Solar Hot Water, Rheem, Solakleen, Solatech, Solco, Solitaire, Beasley, Chromagen, Rinnai.