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Underfloor Hydronic Heating Perth - From $100 /sqm


Why in-slab heating?

Although it dates back to Roman times, when heated water was passed through and between flag stones, the concept of hydronic under floor heating is mainly popular with home owners looking for luxurious comfort in winter.

Beautifully even heat is created across the room in an unobtrusive manner, unlike large wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioning or overhead fan heating systems.

In-slab Hydronic Heating Benefits

Underfloor heating works in a similar way to that of conventional heating. Warmth, generated by water or electricity, passes through pipes but instead of them leading to a series of wall-hung radiators (Traditional in the UK), they are installed into the floor base. 

Concrete slabs offer high thermal mass, meaning once heated they retain the heat very well.  From a green perspective, underfloor heating has lower running costs because it is more energy efficient to heat water than it is to heat air.  Add to this the most energy efficient way of heating water through solar heat pump technology or solar roof panels and you have brilliant cost effective heating in combination with the luxury that comes with even heat distribution through your home. 

Our latest designs also allow you to have temperature and zonal control over your in slab heating.


Underfloor hydronic heating perth


Why use air-sourced heat pumps?

Adding to your underfloor heating the efficiency of the ureco heat pump to provide all year round heating will reduce your winter heating bill even further.  The ureco heat pump technology is part of a modular system that in addition to heating your floors can be intelligently designed to provide your hot water and pool/spa heating!

Furthermore our high efficiency heat pumps will create warmth even at sub-zero temperatures.  This ensures significant cost savings on your home heating bills.

The ureco Heat Pump units have significantly cheaper running costs than any gas, electric or a/c heating methods.


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